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Cabinet d'Avocats | Law Firm | 律师事务所

Guiding Individuals and Businesses to Success in Africa

Welcome to Yav & Associates Law Firm in the Democratic Republic of the Congo with offices in Lubumbashi, Kolwezi and Kinshasa! To fully meet your expectations, we have grouped our intellectual and technical resources to provide the best our skills can offer.

Our firm has a permanent connection to the Internet and state-of-the-art equipment suitable for video conferencing and multimedia presentations. We welcome you to our office during your next visit. Please contact us online by sending us an email today!

YAV & Associates apporte un plus dans les affaires!

Les besoins des entreprises, des professionnels, des institutions, des collectivités comme des particuliers ont changé. Les métiers de leurs Conseils et de leurs Défenseurs ont évolué en conséquence. Fermement attachés à leurs valeurs traditionnelles déontologiques et d'indépendance, ils doivent aujourd'hui posséder les moyens techniques nécessaires pour être accessibles, efficaces et rapides.

Pour répondre à vos attentes nous avons rassemblé les moyens intellectuels et techniques à même de donner force et efficacité à nos competences. Notre Etude est équipée d'une connexion permanente au réseau Internet ainsi que des équipements nécessaires à la vidéo-conférence et aux présentations multimédia. Nous nous réjouissons de vous recevoir dans nos bureaux lors de votre prochaine visite ou de nous contacter en ligne au travers de notre Blog ou nos courriels.

About Us

The Firm in the Marketplace

Our professional services span a wide range of legal, fiduciary and corporate areas. We embrace professionals from various sectors including accounting, banking, business development, corporate services, economics, financial services, intellectual property, law, management, taxation and trust management. Our unique, multi-disciplinary mix results in a greater learning experience for our members and superior results for our clients.

Our Culture

Our work culture is marked by the high quality of our specialised advice and our mutual involvement with our clients. These are backed by a strong sense of entrepreneurship necessary to understand our clients’ business. We emphasize independence, transparency and responsiveness.

The effectiveness of our teamwork is gauged by the degree of success achieved in our clients’ projects. Essentially, our clients’ success becomes our own success. We emphasize the importance of a positivity and open-mindedness that inspires a firm-wide culture of viewing problems as opportunities. This results in our long-standing reputation as constructive solution advisors.

International Practice

We render specific legal and tax services to individuals, corporates and professional firms worldwide.


Our firm operates on the belief that our clients’ needs are of utmost importance. As such, our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. In fact, a high percentage of our business is from repeat clients and referrals.

We are willing and able earn your trust and deliver the best industry-related services in the entire African continent including the DRC, Republic of Congo, Zambia, South Africa and OHADA-member countries.

A propos de Nous

YAV & ASSOCIATES est un cabinet d'avocats exerçant en République Démocratique du Congo (RDC), OHADA et Afrique du Sud.

Derrière cette enseigne se cache une étude d'avocats aux multiples facettes. Que vous ayez besoin d'une assistance dans le cadre d'une procédure judiciaire ou d'une négociation, ou encore d'un simple conseil juridique, nous vous proposons une solution sur mesure.

Nous pratiquons dans plusieurs langues [Francais, Anglais, Langues Africaines].

L’étude YAV & Associates intervient notamment dans les secteurs du droit pénal, du droit des affaires, du droit de la famille, du droit social, du droit bancaire, droit des sociétés, droit de la propriété intellectuelle, droit minier, droit de l'environement, etc... que ce soit pour la défense des particuliers ou pour la défense des entreprises. A ces secteurs traditionnels, le cabinet associe des compétences en matière de droit de l'informatique, de droit des nouvelles technologies, de droits humains, etc.

Committed to Providing Full Client Satisfaction

Our practice believes that the law is in place to protect people. Our founder, Dr. Joseph Yav Katshung, graduated from Lubumbashi and Pretoria law schools and has more than 20 years of experience. He is ready to consult you or your business regarding any legal matter. You can rely on us to look out for your best interest and give you the reliable and secure legal advice and representation you deserve.

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We have received several awards that celebrate achievement, excellence, quality, and innovation in the legal industry. They include:

  • “Business Lawyer of the Year for 2013” for Dr. Joseph Yav Katshung given by Dr. Congo & Business Excellence Awards
  • “Corporate Law Firm of the Year in DRC” given during the 2013 Corporate INTL Legal Awards
  • “Corporate Law Firm of The Year: DRC” given during the 2013 DealMakers Country Awards
  • “Start Up Incorporation Firm of the Year – Democratic Republic of Congo” given during the 2013 International Start Up Advisory Awards
  • “Mid-Market Law Firm of the Year in the Democratic Republic of Congo” given during the 2013 Global Law Experts Practice Awards
  • “IP Law Firm of the Year in the Democratic Republic of Congo” given during the 2013 Global Law Experts Practice Awards
  • “The Democratic Republic of Congo Overall Tax Firm of the Year” given during the 2012 Acquisition International M&A Awards
  • “The Democratic Republic of Congo M&A Law Firm of the Year” given during the 2012 Acquisition International M&A Awards
  • “Adoption Law Firm of the Year in the Democratic Republic of Congo” given during the 2012 Corporate INTL Global Awards
  • “Intellectual Property Law Firm of the Year in the Democratic Republic of Congo” given during the 2012 Corporate INTL Global Awards

Meet Our Legal Team